Karen Joy Discusses Landing Pages

Karen Joy, Director of Sales at Total Woman Gym & Day Spa, discusses the importance of having relevant landing pages to compliment your Google AdWords campaign.

For all of our readers that aren’t e-marketing experts, we’ll break it down for you. If you pay for website traffic through Google’s paid search services, you can direct your visitors to a specific landing page. Joy points out if your ad is specific to one topic, your landing page must be specific to that topic as well.

For instance, if your ad says “ABC Sports Has the Best Trainers in Town” you should send your visitors to a page that is about personal training.

What you should NOT do, as Joy points out, is direct every ad to the same, generic page.

Halo Marketing

Casey Conrad, marketing expert and industry consultant, explains how the Halo Effect can influence your member’s perception about your club. The Halo Effect is a generalization based on one good trait, according to the Encarta Dictionary.

Conrad offers the example of how marketing material can change the perception of your club. While professionally printed and well-designed pieces can make a good impression on your club, the inverse is also true. Printing on standard printer paper with poor graphic design might not reflect as positively.

Another good example of how the Halo Effect works in business is the iPhone, which makes consumers generally think other Apple products are high quality, according to Joe Wilcox, who blogs for eweek.com.

How has your business been affected by the Halo Effect?

Establish Trust to Make the Sale

Alex McMillan, CEO of Fitness Profit Solutions, explains why you need to establish trust to make the sale.

“We’re not really trying to sell something, we’re trying to work with (prospects) in the way they want to buy something, said McMillan.

Creative Fitness Marketing

Creative Fitness Marketing (CFM) has, quite possibly, the most self-explanatory name in the fitness industry. As a part of their membership drives, CFM goes to extreme and unusual measures to attract people to your club.

A few examples of their marketing techniques are drawing chalk advertisements on the sidewalk, dressing up like giraffes and reaching out to local businesses in your area. They mix the conventional with the very unconventional but it’s all designed to get you members.