UPDATE: John McCarthy Explains Which Members Will Stay

John McCarthy, executive director emeritus of IHRSA, explains what type of person, or perhaps more accurately people, will retain their membership longest at your health club. His basic rule of thumb is, families and seniors make for good retention rates.

Couples will retain their memberships longer than individuals and families will retain their memberships longer than couples, according to McCarthy. With this knowledge, it’s clear families have a higher lifetime value than individual memberships.

McCarthy also explains that members who are involved in programs, such as a sports league, will also retain their membership longer.

“When a family has its young kids involved in club activities, they virtually never leave,” McCarthy said.

Another demographic that retains their membership longer is older members, usually people who are over 50-years-old.

“The club that has a lot of people 50+ and a lot of families is going to have a lower attrition rate.”

UPDATE: A few people have requested the full DVD of John’s interview. It’s for sale on IHRSA.org/store.

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  1. Jay Ablondi says:

    you can get the complete interview and his presentation to club professionals at http://www.ihrsa.org/store
    (direct link store.com/p-4072-john-mccarthy-insights-and-perspectives-on-the-healthfitness-club-industry.aspx)

  2. Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

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